Hunger Crisis in Eastern Ghouta, Syria

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World Food Program USA is a 501(c)(3) charity.

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Consistent with the mission of the United Nations World Food Programme, World Food Program USA works with U.S. policymakers, corporations, foundations and individuals to help provide financial resources and develop policies needed to alleviate global hunger.

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Graphic indicating that 1 out of 9 people worldwide
          suffer from hunger

1 out of every 9

people worldwide suffers from chronic hunger

In 2016, your contributions and support helped WFP provide

Icon of a bag of wheat

82 million

More than 82 million people in 82 countries with food aid

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30 million

More than 30 million people in emergencies with assistance

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9 million

Nearly 9 million children with specialized nutritional support.

“I don’t have many ways to give back to the world, but this is one way I can.”

— Mike A., Virginia

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My Glimpse of Suffering in Syria

Read this haunting, firsthand account from WFP's Country Director in Syria, Jakob Kern.

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Crisis Alert: 300,000 Children Facing Starvation in the DRC

Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo has pushed one in four people into severe hunger.

U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

On The Hill: Why Food Security Matters

Speaking before the U.S. Senate, the head of WFP highlighted the link between global food security and national security.

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WFP/Ellie Kealey

World Food Program USA's Policy Work

By educating lawmakers and speaking out on behalf of the world's most vulnerable, we aim to improve U.S. food security programming abroad.

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WFP/Mackenzie Rollins

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