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WFP Operational Update - Haiti Earthquake

PORT-AU-PRINCE – The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is appealing for $279 million to feed 2 million people and provide logistical support for a 6-month Emergency Operation in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  

  • In the initial phase of the operation, WFP will provide one-week rations of ready-to-eat food to up to 2 million people who no longer have access to kitchens or cooking facilities;
  • After the distribution of the ready-to-eat food rations, WFP will begin general distributions of basic food items such as rice, pulses and cooking oil to 2 million people;
  • As soon as possible, WFP will move from general food distributions towards food for work activities that use food as an incentive for people to support reconstruction and rehabilitation work in areas damaged by the earthquake;
  • WFP began food distributions in and around the capital, Port au Prince, in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake.  Some 2900 people received high energy biscuits in Port au Prince on Thursday, and distributions are being scaled up in the coming days;
  • WFP has deployed expert logistics and telecommunications teams in support of the coordinated humanitarian response to this disaster;
  • WFP has established a logistics hub in neighboring Dominican Republic and has begun acquiring logistical assets - such as mobile warehouses, trucks, helicopters and a coastal vessel;
  • WFP is considering establishing a network of up to 200 kitchens in Port au Prince, with each providing up to 500 meals a day;
  • Food assistance will be directed at vulnerable families that have lost their homes, families living in temporary shelters, and child-headed households;
  • So far, WFP has received more than $55 million from donor governments, and more than $5 million from private companies;
  • Government donors include the United States, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Australia, Colombia, and the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund.

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