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Kelsey Dean

Comfort Kissiwaa is a Ghanaian mother of five, wife, farmer—and now the manager of a community bank and champion of her community’s development—thanks to her participation in The Hunger Project’s local ownership initiatives. With a small loan and women’s empowerment training, Comfort was able to expand her farming business and increase her annual income from $110 to more than $750, a 600% increase.

Aliya Karim

French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur, known as the "father of microbiology," made a number of surprising and world-changing discoveries throughout his career—namely, the principles behind disease prevention, fermentation and pasteurization.

Aliya Karim

The 2014 FIFA World Cup wraps up on Sunday. For a month, we've kept up with all the blocks, the passes and the goals.

But how much do we know about the countries that participated in one of the most beloved sporting events in the world?

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