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What Is The Red Cup?

For WFP, red plastic cups have not only become one of the most widely used ways of providing food to hungry school children, they've also come to symbolize the daily struggle for survival for those living on the edge.

With 805 million people worldwide going hungry every day, filling a single red cup means coming one step closer to solving global hunger.

Without school meals to nourish their bodies and minds, too many children are unable to concentrate in the classroom, or even make the long trek to get there. Many children in the developing world are taken out of school entirely so they can work to help feed their families. Without an education, these children are trapped in a cycle of poverty.  

But it doesn’t cost much to break this cycle: Just $50 can provide a child with nutritious school meals for an entire year.

Each year, WFP reaches more than 24 million children in 60 countries with school meals and take-home rations. By encouraging education through school meals, WFP gives families incentive to keep their children—especially girls—in the classroom so they can fulfill their potential and lead better lives.  

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