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Low funding for World Food Program causes ration cuts for victims of conflict in Yemen

Last year, fighting escalated in Yemen in the conflict between the government and the Al Houthi rebels. The fighting forced at least 250,000 Yemenis to flee their homes in Sa’ada and other provinces in Northern Yemen. Many settled in refugee camps where they depend on the support of humanitarian organizations.


Maria Santamarina of the UN World Food Program in Yemen recently sent me stories she had compiled of Yemenis who have had their lives uprooted. They need the support of the international community.

Fleeing the fighting is hardship enough, but now these victims of conflict may be losing their food rations. Low funding for the World Food Program (WFP) is threatening its entire operation in Yemen. A cease fire between the government and the rebels is holding for now. The challenge of hunger and malnutrition goes on.

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