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An interview with Andrew Moore of Save the Children on the crisis in Yemen

Yemen is a country in crisis. There is the conflict in the North between the government and rebels that has displaced many Yemenis from their homes.

Recently, I published a number of stories on the hunger and malnutrition ravaging the country. Low funding for the World Food Programme has devastated its programs that operate throughout Yemen.  

Who suffers the most through all of the hunger, conflict and poverty in Yemen? It is the  children, the most vulnerable of the population. The charity Save the Children is dedicated to helping children in these harshest of circumstances.

As is the case with the World Food Programme, Save the Children needs support so it can carry out its programs which will make the difference in building the foundation of a future for Yemen.

Andrew Moore, country director for Save the Children in Yemen, recently answered some questions about the crisis there and how the charity is helping. Most importantly, he tells how you can get involved. 

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