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About Us

1 in 9 people on the planet will go to bed hungry tonight. But we can change that with your help.


Hunger is a global problem faced by 805 million people around the world. Hunger not only endangers the health and survival of a population, but also stunts children’s’ growth, weakens communities and perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger in the world today. Last year, WFP delivered food assistance to 80.5 million people in 75 countries. This includes people in areas prone to drought, famine and natural disaster. It includes innocent families caught in the crossfire of political conflict and refugees forced to flee their homes under life-threatening conditions. It includes the millions of women and children who often bear the brunt of extreme poverty.

While WFP is well-known as a first responder in times of crisis, the agency is working on the ground every day to increase the long-term food security of populations vulnerable to hunger across the planet. This includes providing school meals to hungry children, improving nutrition of the most vulnerable people at critical times in their lives and helping build the self-reliance of people and communities.


World Food Program USA works to solve global hunger, building a world where everyone has the food and nutrition needed to lead healthy, productive lives.

What WFP Does

From natural disasters to civil conflicts, WFP reaches people wherever, whenever disaster strikes and people are in need of food assistance.
WFP provides school meals to more than 24 million children each year. Just 25 cents provides a child with a nutritious meal.
In 2012, WFP reached 4 million children under the age of two and 3 million women with special assistance.
Since P4P’s launch in 2008, WFP has established links to farmers’ organizations, representing more than 1 million farmers. Nearly 200,000 people have received training through P4P to date.
WFP works to improve women’s access to food and promote women’s empowerment as a key to improving food security for all.


Current emergencies

Conflict and health emergencies in places like Syria, South Sudan and West Africa have forced millions to leave their homes, to lose their local agricultural markets and to become food-insecure. WFP is on the ground with food assistance and support.

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